John MacArthur’s Great Grandfather a Mason?

In a world dominated by secret societies and globalist elites that control just about everything with a conspiracy to destroy Christian churches and organizations that has been incredibly successful by their Freemason organization, it appears John MacArthur’s family was heavily involved in Freemasonry. Consequently, I post some of his sermons which I find very good, so it’s worth disclosing this information. As Christians we’re not caught up in the cult of human personality nor do we hold any human being above examination. And with anything taught we examine the scriptures to verify if true. Beyond MacArthur’s great grandfather being a Freemason, we have his father Jack MacArthur who supposedly led 33rd degree Mason Roy Rogers to faith in Christ and as outlined in the second piece has a long history of involvement in the corruption of Christian churches and faith in America.

If John MacArthur was involved in Freemasonry and the conspiracy against the church of Christ, I’d expect him to vary from scripture in significant ways that would have caught my attention by now. I’ve seen him call out false religions, rightfully declare that Christ is the one path to salvation, and I’ll post at bottom a segment from a sermon where he calls out Freemasonry as Satanic worship. There are several places online assailing John MacArthur’s character, his church, his seminary… But with a true preacher of God’s Word we know the evil forces of this world will do everything they can to discredit the man and his ministry. Now factor in how John MacArthur exposed the Masonic lodge below, and that his familial connections give him great insight into their work, so as a Biblical focused pastor how would you operate within this conspiratorial world? Some reports I’ve read about his seminary say that they are extremely focused on certain doctrines and variance is not allowed which would follow when your father was so involved in doctrines that undermined Christianity. And at the end of the day, a pastor is a flawed and sinful man of flesh like everyone else, so we evaluate his work and how he references scripture and look for any cracks in doctrine. When it comes to preaching on homosexuality, human depravity, and women in the church I’ve found few that stand on scripture and refuse to cave to society like John MacArthur, but examining the scriptures we still put him to the test.